Round Table with Vechernaya Moskva: "Slow down to speed up".
Participated in the "Vechernaya Moskva" round table to discuss the slowdown of Twitter in Russia, the prospects of blocking this social network and others by Roskomnadzor. What risks are really posed by social networks, what awaits us in the future in the internet space, and how to respond to such challenges to ordinary users of the world wide web. Experts talked about this and more together with Mikhail Pomidorov and Ruslan Orekhov.

  • Ulyashenkov Sergey - CEO and founder of The Human Interface Company, expert in IT and visual communications.
  • Anton Bredikhin - political scientist, PhD in history, research director of the Center for Ethnic and International Studies.
  • Gleb Mikheev - founder and CTO of the Beta agency, head of the program committee of the FrontendConf conference, program director of the Frontend faculty at Skillbox.
  • Alexander Varskoy is a hacker.

  • Ruslan Orekhov
  • Mikhail Pomidorov

17 March 2021

Watch on the official site "Vechernaya Moskva"