The future of digital education

The future of education is in the blended approach. Already many are thinking and others are implementing digital approaches in education, especially regarding distance learning. But is it so good in the long run?

Not really, and the reason lies in the social aspect. Man cannot live outside society and in an isolated environment. And unfortunately technology is unable to fully compensate for the need for personal communication and interaction. And in the early stages of human development, the online approach alone can lead to a social crisis. 

At this point, this judgment is always met with the opposite. A person will simply be able to adapt. Fortunately for us at the moment, educational processes are only at the beginning of the road in terms of technology. And that is what saves the day. One way or another, much in education happens "the old-fashioned way", requires personal presence, thus compensating for the shortcomings of completely remote practices. We simply cannot assess the real risks now, thanks to the fact that there is no 100% digital education.

This is the key to the success of digital education in the future. The right combination of online and offline tools will create a fundamentally new environment for humans. Where technological solutions (including artificial intelligence, the metaworld and others) will be a powerful tool in both. Preserving the balance and giving together with them opportunities for personal interaction, socialization and harmonious development.

Author: Sergey Ulyashenkov