Back to the Future

Remember the "Hoverboard" from the movie Back to the Future? A skateboard with no wheels flying above the surface. It's not science fiction anymore. The hoverboard (nicknamed Slide) created as part of the Lexus advertising campaign has already passed field tests.

Certainly, the technology is new and has own nuances. For example to make a magical device float above the ground, under the cover of the skatepark was set a lot of magnets. This is due to the fact that the Slide uses the effect of magnetic levitation and runs on superconductors and permanent magnets cooled with liquid nitrogen. So without a special coating the hoverboard won't take off.

It's still amazing, though. Even considering all the limitations and the fact that at the moment the device can't always handle the weight of a skateboarder, it's hard not to be amazed at what things are happening around us in the 21st century. Let's wait for the next ad campaign. Since we have a hoverboard from Lexus, the next step is a flying car from Mercedes, and then a time machine from Ferrari.