What characterizes a stupid person?

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What characterizes a stupid person?

One can highlight such features:

  1. The absence of critical thinking 
  2. Not only accepting another person's point of view, but also refusing to admit that a different opinion or approach is possible at all.
  3. Fear of new and incomprehensible, leading to an attempt to either pretend that such a phenomenon simply does not exist, or to destroy it - because it destroys its own picture of the world.
  4. As a rule, also aggressive reactions, in situations where it is possible to solve everything quietly through dialogue or there is no reason for conflict at all, are also an indicator of stupidity. For example, yelling, or getting into a fight at the moment when your opponent has proved you wrong (a simple reaction, since it is impossible to prove the opposite, will be an attempt to silence by force, which will seem to be proof of right);
  5. Low teachability. I am not talking about education, of course. Here is an example. A person listened to his friends and invested all the money in MMM. The last one fell apart and he was left without money at all. Years passed, "Turbo MMM" opened and the person again invested all the money in it, motivating his actions, that if the first time it did not work, then the second time for sure... Of course, "Turbo MMM" also closes down, leaving everyone with a nose. That is, the inability to assess personal experience and correct mistakes, and, unfortunately, making the same mistakes once in a while also symbolizes not the best potential of the mind.
  6. Confidence in someone else's opinion. We all trust, especially when it comes to public and well-known persons. However, it is not only the exclusion of a critical assessment of someone else's (even an expert's) opinion, as well as an attempt to completely replace one's opinion with someone else's, too, indicator of stupidity.
  7. Exalting one's needs over those of others is elevated to an absolute level. In general, this point is very shaky. We are all selfish to some extent, this does not mean in itself that all people are fools. However, when a person ceases to take into account the needs of others, for him there is no one but himself, it is certainly a sign of a small mind. And it is not about humanism. Most people need something from other people, and subconsciously we are ready to go to a meeting to some extent, knowing that if we do not give, we will get nothing. A stupid person does not understand this and will always demand it, refusing to give in exchange. And the main thing is that he does not understand why after that everything will "turn away" from him. He sincerely will not understand it.

In general, the topic is shaky and these points are very tentative. It is difficult to give an exact definition of stupidity. Especially since we all sometimes make really stupid decisions, and this fortunately does not make us stupid. Probably the main secret of a smart man in such a situation is to critically assess not only the surrounding reality, but also yourself. Not to be afraid to admit mistakes, and to be able to learn from them. And also a sense of humor, especially in relation to ourselves - the best cure for stupidity and hibernation.

Author: Sergey Ulyashenkov
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