How to show future style

Sometimes, before a full-fledged job, it makes sense to talk to the client about future styling. But when it comes to design, words rarely help. After all, everyone will draw in his head a picture, and it could be fundamentally different from the designer, and from the customer.

In this situation, it is useful to make a concept of the future design. This is not sketches in the literal sense, as a schematic demonstration, especially without color can also lead to confusion. Here you create a full-fledged design concept, but on the basis of a microscopic part of the project.

In the example above, you can just see this approach. A minimum of elements and just a couple of blocks of the future site. Icons are neat and the final form, but we do not do all the possible variations of images, and do not detail them too much. Colors are worked out in detail and additionally shown to the client, so that he could orient himself. We created a logo for the project, but in a simplified form.

As a result, there is a chance to work out the style of the future project and already move forward more confidently. Although even here it is necessary to be careful: there are people who are more comfortable "to try it from scratch". This is a specific psychology, which is also worth learning to see. As they say individual development requires an individual approach. And there's nothing wrong if the client can't work with something like this. Just make a lot of full versions, the main thing is that the budget allows for such experiments.

Design — Ulyashenkov Sergey