Armada Security

The goal of Armada Secutity was to digitally transform the personal security industry. Operating on an aggregator model, the system allowed customers to receive a personal bodyguard service as easily as ordering a cab. It was enough to download a mobile app.

My role in the project was to create the conditions for digital transformation, as well as the development of the project roadmap, the involvement and control of specialists, participation in the planning of advertising campaigns. In addition I supervised processes related to the design and visual communications of the brand. Conducted negotiations with key clients and partners.

Collaboration include
  • Development of the startup roadmap
  • Selection of the team for the project
  • Support of the development team, including prototyping and control over the compliance of the public version of the mobile application
  • Maintenance and fine-tuning of the company's website
  • Implementation of advertising campaigns together with the advertising agency Beers
  • Assistance in creating the design of promotional and advertising materials
  • Visual communications - creating a new visual language for the mobile app, website and promotional materials Author supervision of the corporate identity.
  • Assistance with financial analytics
  • Negotiations with partners and contractors

The startup team (as well as the founder) had a strong background in private security, so the project was particularly interesting. People with a good understanding of the field from the inside were better able to navigate the current market and discover growth points along with possible risks. The missing expertise in digital technology and visual communications was provided by me. We also assembled a team of developers who were able to publish and regularly update the mobile application. To maintain the site. And my partners from the advertising agency Bierce were able to promptly set up and run advertising campaigns for the project.

Ulyashenkov Sergey — Chief Digital Transformation Officer, Co-founder
Project website: