Check Int

The new social network of the startup "ChecInt" offers communication based on emotions and mutual interests. Internal purchases allow to diversify communication by new sets, and anonymous sending emotions to another user will allow to share feelings without embarrassment and awkward situations and#know#the reaction.

When meeting the client came with just an idea and some hypotheses. That's why the project started with consulting and working out the strategy of future development. At the next stage we started to develop a prototype of the system and after that the design. The software development of the project (mobile application for iOS and Android with the server part) was done by my Human Interface team.

It was:

  • An idea for a startup and some hypotheses

It became:

  • Implementation plan and roadmap for the project
  • Founders consulting (including technology, advice on launching the advertising campaigns of the project and at what stages, audience analysis, analysis of competitors, financial recommendations on the payback period of the project, consulting on creating presentations, search and communication with potential investors)
  • Prototype development (UX)
  • Design development (UI)
  • Software development for iPhone and Android. As well as the implementation of the server part.

Ulyashenkov Sergey
Startup mentor: consultations, prototype, project implementation plan. Support of the development process together with the Human Interface team.

Client — startup CheckInt