Private security mobile app

Creating a mobile app for Armada VIP Security. Objective: to create a simpler way for customers to interact with CHOP and related services. To open additional possibilities for ordering individuals from a mobile device (apart from the usual for the sphere of corporate orders).

Development includes:

  • Interface design (prototyping and development of user scenarios)
  • UI/UX 
  • App development for iOS and Android
  • App testing and publishing in App Store and Google Play (turnkey, including customization and design of client app store pages)
  • Consulting (including usability, recommendations on project development, selection of optimal technologies for the project).

Ulyashenkov Sergey — UI/UX interface design and creation, usability and IT consulting, project management, analytics.
Human Interface — implementation, testing and publication of the project

Client— Armada VIP security (Moscow)