Under the Sky
Advertising campaign for social networks.
"Under the Sky" glamping sites are distinguished by amazing coziness and beauty. This is not surprising, since the location on the shore of the Pestovo Reservoir near Moscow makes the rest as comfortable as possible. Beautiful environment, clean air and unforgettable views open to all who come to spend time in this wonderful place. It is no coincidence that in the advertising campaign for which I helped to create the design and visual communication, it was necessary to convey this spirit, air and beauty.

The emphasis was on photographs of the place itself, so minimal use was made of clipart. The Client's photographic material was taken as the basis, and only afterwards additional elements were added to accurately convey the message. In this case, the visual row itself had a semantic meaning.

Of course, photo materials were not always in "format". And in addition to editing in order to convey meaning, some of the photographs were refined to fit the aspect ratio of the chosen format. The sky was finished (if the original photo did not have the desired fragment), the boards on the pier, the two photos were combined to convey the dynamics in a static image. Below you can see a couple of examples of how this happened:
As a result, the design was provided in two formats: 1:1 (for the standart posts) and 9:16 (for stories) in high resolution. Fonts and additional styling elements were added in accordance with the company's corporate identity. Below you can see some of the final banners.
Ulyashenkov Sergey— Creative Art Director (visual concept, design, photo editing)

Client — Under the Sky (RU)