What is music

In February I received several questions about what music is. And people were not referring to musical literacy and physical laws, but to something more profound than music can be. Let's try to get to the bottom of this, given my personal musical experience.

In terms of cosmology, philosophy, and world order, music is one manifestation of God or creation in our physical world. Where through the waves one aspect of beauty and love is transmitted that we can perceive as well. Hence so much experimentation with different sounds, healing through sounds, and music itself. The use of music or sound in meditation. The attempt to realize healing properties of sound influence on our organism (not only on ears, there are theories about combination of sound waves with brain work and so on). Of course this is all rarely confirmed and accepted by science. However, in general, the impact of music on psychology and physiology has been studied in the materialistic sphere. In any case if briefly - music and sound is one of the manifestations of the universe in a deeply philosophical sense, projected onto our world from higher spheres.

For example, at one time the Internet was overtaken by audio recordings of the sound of the planets. Of course, it is not in the literal sense of their sound, as sound waves do not propagate in space. But by converting radiofrequency and other spectra into the sound range we get an interesting and fascinating experiment. The sounds of the planets are truly mesmerizing and make you think about philosophy in and of themselves. Here you can "listen to" the sun And here is a whole collection of sounds of the planets You can find other examples on this subject on the Internet as well.

Above we were rather talking about sacred experiments with sound, which do not always have to do with the generally accepted notion of music. Speaking specifically about music as a creation, an act of human thought, we are also not far removed from philosophy and mysticism. A certain combination of notes can convey a mood, or even paint a picture in your mind. And in ancient times, it was believed that there was magical music that could do harm, or was created by evil spirits and demons. Hence, there were beautiful legends, which in fact are not far from the truth. Because music can create entire worlds. Real or fantastical, by combining different melodies, chords and sounds. The musical instruments themselves and the synthetic sounds in modern music also influence us. Philosophically speaking, on our souls. Thus melody, chords and sequences of notes, as a basis, are superimposed on the different timbre and sound of musical instruments and musical devices, creating the final work. Which, with one sound and melody, can make you laugh, cry, or shudder. To recall something very personal from the distant past, or to feel the future. Here music becomes the creation of two worlds: this one, due to the creative spark of the composer and performer, and another, higher, due to the influence of sounds as a projection of the higher spheres of the universe.

To this must be added the act of creation itself. Every creator, including the composer or musician, knows about the Muse. This image from mythology means the projection of the Divine spark through a man, and the possibility of creating something by himself. For example, a piece of music. Thus the latter carries as if a part of the soul of the creator, the author, which additionally influences the listeners. Makes the work not just beautiful, but really great, transcending time.
And one more funny experiment after all, an attempt to play the number "Pi" on the piano: It turned out rather nicely.

Author: Ulyashenkov Sergey