Max Liber show support
Bold images and my design
Back in 2017 there was a fashion show of the PERFUMER collection by designer Max Liber. But the story of our acquaintance began earlier, when Konstantin Fillipov, who was responsible for organizing the event, asked us to help with the development of the presentation and promotional materials. So our cooperation quickly grew into a full partnership and support of the event in the direction of design and visual communication with my brand of those years Human Design.

Among the guests of the show were singers Natalia Gulkina, Irina Ortman, Eteri Beriashvili, Yulia Beretta, Vladimir Levkin, female psychologist, coach and art therapist Oksana Vygovskaya, member of the project GOLOS Angelica Frolova, actress Elena Kondulainen, fashion designer Alisa Tolkacheva, Retro-enthusiast, TV presenter Alexey Ostudin, artists Alex Doll and Arseny Vlasov, Russian jeweler Vladislav Denisov, founder of "Samotsvetov Gallery" holding, owner of Denisov&Gems jewelry house, and other well-known representatives of the fashion world.
PERFUMER by Max Liber show

Venue — House of Russian Fashion
PR and organization —Konstantin Phillipov
Executive art director —Sergey Ulyaschenkov (Human Design)