Radiation and Smart Home

Questions from "The Question":

Is the smart home system safe for humans? Does it irradiate?

It is as safe as any other device that we use every day.

In Smart Home is not some separate system, but in first of all -an approach. Which means combining devices into a single ecosystem. In as a result, you can centrally manage all of them, a no only each in separately. Well and of course, new features will be added to automate house processes.

Of course, this approach involves increasing the number of remote devices, but not in a way that is harmful to health. A most importantly, we need to understand that even now, simply by using home WiFi or using high-speed mobile Internet, we are much more "wrapped up" in different kinds of radiation. And a smart home will increase this kind of radiation very slightly and in in some cases there will be no increase at all. If, to for example, you use the same number of devices in the house, but only in Smart House connect them to to single control system.

Author: Sergey Ulyashenkov