Like Goethe only in IT

When buying software or installing free services, many of us rarely visit the License, User or any other Agreement. Setting the tick  "I agree" has long ago become a new reflex of the modern man.

It happened a year ago, when the online computer games store GameStation decided to play its users, taking advantage of this weakness in honor of the first April. A new paragraph was added to the agreement, which stated that the buyer is not against the full, free of charge and for a long time to transfer his soul to the eternal operation of the online site. Alas, the joke did not just fail, but once again proved the attitude to documents - 90% of service users agreed with the terms.

If Mephistopheles had the Internet, the world would probably be doomed. So, everybody from April 1st, and don't forget to at least flip through the user agreement.

Author: Sergey Ulyashchenkov.
Fun Technologies