A program written by the program

Sber is again trying to lead the way in digital technology, at least in Russia. Sber's subsidiary Sber AI created the application at the expense of the ruGPT-3 neural network. Thus, the latter is claimed to have independently "written" a software product Artificial Vision in C++ and Java, which is currently the first software registered with the Russian PTO, created without human involvement.

This interesting experience once again proves the usefulness of AI in automating routine tasks. No, again, we should not be afraid that specialists will not be needed. It's just that in the development process, even for an experienced socialist, there are many tasks that do not require high skill. They are time-consuming, and there is potential here to optimize the human development process and make it more creative. Without excessive routine. Although the "junkers "* may be worried. There is a term "monkey code" among developers, it is just writing routine tasks which are often given to beginners. It cannot be ruled out that such experts will eventually be unnecessary. But there is a bright side - just start your way in the field of writing software will not have to start with the humdrum and primitive tasks, but with more complex. That again is a big plus for professionals. It will be more interesting to work.

We will follow the development of this direction, and not only for Sber.

Author: Ulyashenkov Sergey

*junior-developer - beginner IT specialists with little experience