How many employees does it take to justify the automation of sales?

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What is sales automation and how many employees does a business need to have in order to do it?

Sales automation is a complex system that aims to simplify (at the expense of modern IT tools) the interaction between the employee and the client, resulting in increased efficiency of both the employee and the company as a whole. The main functions of such a system:

  • Collection of contacts in a convenient form and elimination of "loss" of information at a large flow of customers
  • Management of the sales process (recording responses from customers, the time when they need to call again, offer a new service, or extend an old one, visual displaying the "sales funnel" to simplify the process, etc.)
  • Integration with a variety of marketing sources and analytics, including: social networks, messengers, website or branding, mobile applications, outdoor and online advertising (with this integration allows not only to "see" where the client came from, but also within the rhinestone system to respond to clients, to conduct a dialogue, which for example allows the integration of chat rooms with social networks or messengers).
  • Integration with software within the company, to automate the interaction of the sales department with other departments of the company (for example, the integration of CRM system, in which sales people work with warehouse software and accounting software, which allows you to automatically "mark" the ordered goods, send a request for its preparation for delivery, and then send financial information about the completed purchase to the accounting program and at the same time note in the CRM that the sale was successful, so that the sales department knows that everything is fine, all delivered and paid for. And this is just one simple model).
  • As a result, the system engaged in the automation of sales can both increase the efficiency of this very sale, and reduce the cost of "manual" work of specialists within the company.

Answering the second question - how many employees does it take for sales automation to be justified? I am afraid that it is not about employees and their number. The point is that this sphere and the systems employed in it are aimed not only at forgiving the work of several employees or entire departments among themselves. One of the aspects (and it is described above) is to simplify the contact with the customer and reduce the time for order execution. This includes integration with different sources, and a more comfortable and faster way to collect contacts. In some cases, for example, when receiving a contact from the social network, the system can even determine for itself to which existing contact refers. Add a new contact to it - and now you know that it turns out that this customer has already bought something and you have information about his specific preferences and requirements, which will further increase the chances of a successful and fast sale;

This aspect - the simplification of interaction with the customer, combined with the automation and source analysis of sales, has nothing to do with the number of employees. Even if you have a personal micro-business, and you are in sales alone, automation can help you do business faster and more efficiently.

That's why you can safely say that you can do minimal automation in almost any area and with any number of employees.

Author: Sergey Ulyashenkov
Technologies Business