Why are people afraid of chipization?

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"Why are people afraid of ciphering? After all, it will lead to general morality. Just going to steal - have already caught, just kissed someone else's woman - my wife found out. What is wrong with total control?"

Total control negates personal freedoms. In fact, in its extreme manifestation, this approach makes a person look like a robot. Without feelings and without choice of one's own. Others will decide for you what is bad and what is good, what is possible and what is not, and so on;

And there are two problems. First, personal freedoms, including freedom of choice, are an important part of a person. Without such freedoms a person cannot develop, cannot fully think, feel, and so on. Yes, of course it is very uncomfortable and frustrating when we make "wrong choices" or some mistakes, but it is the only thing that makes us human, because it allows us to develop and, most importantly, to take personal responsibility for our own actions. That's why, having excluded freedom from a person's life, people seem to stop being human by switching to "vegetative" existence. Many novels have been written about this, including the famous '451 degrees Fahrenheit' by Ray Bradbury. Read it in detail and why it is impossible and how it all ends for humanity.

Secondly, it is important to understand who will be at the helm of chipization or any other control? People! Maybe they will have more power, social status or something else, but one thing in them will not be different from those who are controlled - human qualities and defects. They will also be subject to mistakes, they will also have emotions, they will absolutely also make their choice between good and bad, and not the fact that every time they choose "good";

As a result, we get an unpleasant situation. Initially, such methods, including ciphering, should lead to moral benefits. That is, imperfect people are helped to be more perfect by making moral choices for them (just going to steal - you got caught). But the paradox is that this moral choice is made by the same people who have the same moral problems. As a result, even if we omit the first problem, instead of the "ideal society" we quickly get a social model where some people simply limit the rights of others.

Therefore, in such a global and utopian way, chipping and other methods of forced control of "all" is very bad and leads to a totalitarian system with a very sad division of society into those who can do everything and those who can do nothing.

It should be mentioned here that the chipping, chipping of discord. It is not bad to use some built-in (in the body) electronic devices that will simplify life (such as an electronic key to an apartment, car, etc.). But first, it is a matter of personal choice whether to use them or not. Secondly, such devices should be confidential and in no case used for the above - that is, should not be part of the ideology of total surveillance and destruction of personal freedoms. And it is precisely the risks associated with the fact that any such device can potentially be hacked and secretly used, that cause suspicion and mistrust.

Author: Sergey Ulyashenkov
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