My interest of course could not get past the new GETTR social network. Despite the media promise of a "pro-Trump" focus, you can only see it in the form of a banner in the corner of the News from GETTR section. And then, after a while, the panel disappeared leaving me alone with  "clean" modern design and my content. Here, of course, I'm referring to the intrusiveness of the theme within the network itself, it's no secret that former Trump representative Jason Miller is developing it, but within the interface and content, there's not much emphasis on that.

Otherwise, I subscribe to neutral channels, and no politics. The interface is very user-friendly and intuitive, and you can give the developers an extra credit for that. Nothing superfluous, and yet everything is at your fingertips. As for the audience, of course, it is not very clear yet whether there will be reactions to the posts, how many, in what languages and of what nature. The only thing you can notice at once is that there is a certain percentage of the Russian-speaking audience. This is evident from the suggestions of hashtags. True, judging by the poverty of such sentences compared to English, it is obvious that it is very small. Which is not surprising.

It was interesting to note the promised freedom of speech and lack of content filtering. I've been doing posts pretty intensely since registering. I have to say that even Telegram in such a case could temporarily block the creation of new posts, but there was nothing here. After a couple of hours of intensive use, it really felt like freedom. I have to be honest, I have been filtering content on Facebook and some other social networks for a long time now. And that's despite the fact that I write about business, technology, music, design and sometimes my life. No provocative content or "controversial" topics. However, in the last month, even with my neutrality and caution, Facebook has blocked my posts a couple of times, either on  "suspicion of spam" or on the grounds that I was using someone else's licensed content. This is despite the fact that all content is author's and mine, with the rare exception of links to news sites or reposts. GETTR has proven itself in this regard so far.

In any case, we will see whether it will be the same after long-term use, to observe the development of the project. And if you are interested too, subscribe, always glad to see old friends on a new site (and new ones too):

Author: Ulyashenkov Sergey