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So lets see if it is possible to print on the touch keybrd as on a traditional. It looks like on iPad its not only poible, but also very convnnt!

Today I decided to test how convenient it is to work with a touch keyboard. To be more precise, is it possible to enter two-handed input on such a device. I was pleasantly pleased with the results. Although, as you can see from the first paragraph (yes, it is honestly typed on the iPad without any "spell checker") is not so simple, but about everything in order.

So, I sit down, put the iPad in a horizontal position on my feet, open iA Writer. At first the process was quite uncomfortable. The main trouble is to force yourself not to put your fingers on the keyboard! However, typing a few sentences makes it easier to work. After some more time of practice, the speed of printing dramatically increases, the discomfort and fear of accidentally putting your hands on the keyboard passes. I start to speed up a little (I print rather quickly on the traditional "button" keyboard), consciously trying to print at my maximum speed. This allows me to check the responsiveness of the touch keyboard, as well as my motor skills and accuracy in getting to the right place on the screen.

Sensors do not fail, as well as fingers, which get used to the location quite quickly (without the possibility of tactile sense of the keys). On average, at the beginning of "trials", I made no more than 3 misprints for 2-4 sentences. After I managed to practice, the number of misprints decreased noticeably. I almost stopped "smearing" past virtual buttons.

Let's sum it up. It is possible to print on the iPad touch keyboard, and in terms of convenience it is not inferior to its key analogue. However at first it is a little unusual. The ergonomics of the keyboard is excellent, so you adapt quite quickly, and the skills acquired while working with a regular keyboard are relevant here too. This is very important - the user does not have to learn for a long time!

Author: Sergey Ulyashenkov
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