Artificial Intelligence in computer games

Questions from "The Question":

Is there any successful experience in the gaming industry in using machine learning algorithms to create a model of NPC behavior, and if so, in what games can it be felt today?

It should be noted that the AI technologies were picked up by the gaming industry quite long ago. For example, Left 4 Dead was famous for its intellectual behavior of NPC as well as for its special procedure which in real time created scenarios inside the game "catching up" more or less zombies on the player depending on his behavior and creating variability of the game process. Unity platform has its own AI technology specifically for NPC - Unity Machine Learning Agents. It allows the characters to create new (in a sense creative) behavioral strategies by means of machine learning, which are fundamentally different from traditional software scripts and make the behavior more natural.

Almost all modern games from major developers and publishers have artificial intelligence technologies, including machine learning algorithms and other benefits of neural networks.

Author: Sergey Ulyashenkov