Invasive interface in Russia and worldwide

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Are there any groups of engineers in Russia who develop an invasive brain-computer interface and if so, how to get a job there?

Such scientific works and developments are carried out. In particular, this is done by the Research Center of Neurology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Of the specific Russian projects, the greatest interest and fame was received by NeuroG, which allowed for the recognition of images due to simple electroencephalographic images. For more information, see Wikipedia: However, the official website is not available at the moment. And I personally, unfortunately, do not know about the current fate of the project. But if you apply to the above institutions, I think they will be able to give you information on this project and on possible employment with other institutions.
Despite the fact that this market is very promising, it is still difficult to speak about the rapid development of technologies in Russia. The projects are scattered, but let us name a few more representatives from our country: - a project from Moscow State University. All details are on the page. - is also engaged in such a technology. You can find the section of vacancies on the website. - AiBrain LLC is another representative of this sphere.

If to enumerate the largest players of this market, unfortunately, it will not be possible to find Russian companies among them yet. This list includes:

Mind Technologies - American company.

Natus Medical is another American "player".

Integra Life Sciences - American company.

Advanced Brain Monitoring Inc. - American company.

Nihon Kohden - Japanese company.

Covidien is an Irish market representative.

Compumedics - Australian company.

From a practical point of view, you can try to find work in these companies. If you have knowledge in this field. There are not many specialists, so it is of course possible to agree on a relocation or other conditions. You just need to have a good knowledge of English.

But it should be noted that not everything is so dramatic, in terms of technology development in other countries. According to analysts' forecasts, this sphere is very promising and is developing very rapidly. And first of all in such countries as China and India, but it does not bypass others. And Russia is not an exception here. And despite the fact that we do not have any big and recognized market player yet, experiments are being conducted, including in large IT companies. For example, Yandex has not bypassed this sphere. And here you can be advised to look for suitable vacancies from this, and possibly other large companies.

Moreover, there are many startups. Among them, such ideas and developments are most often found. Unfortunately, they do not always lead to success. And in this sense, I can advise you to refer to the lists of startups that are published by certain gas pedals. I am afraid that listing them is meaningless. For example, FRII makes such publications. You can also get a job in such a startup, and not necessarily for a percentage of profit.

Author: Sergey Ulyashenkov
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