Why buy an iPhone, if Android is better?

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Why do people buy an IPhone, if Android is not worse?

Let's try to figure it out.

The iPhone is also no worse. And to be honest, now both the Android and the iPhone provide approximately the same comfort. But at the same time the approach in the little things is different. As a result, people can choose just what they like. One handy iPhone, the other will be more comfortable on Android. And it is no longer a matter of quality, and not in the question of "worse/better".

But this is only one of the factors. Others, too subjective, no less affect the choice. For example, there are enough people who (quite unfairly) consider Android a bad device. This is subjective, but it affects the choice. And the fault is the fact that at one time, when Android was just beginning its development, it was really terrible compared to the iPhone. For others, until now the iPhone and all products Apple is a sign of luxury. If you are successful, you have the iPhone. Of course you can argue here too, but everyone has the right to decide for himself what is important and why. Even if it is not always true. There are other factors.

That is why we are now living at a time when the devices on both systems are good enough. And the choice in favor of something has already become a very subjective concept. Not related to the question "what is worse". If you like the iPhone, it's fine. You are uncomfortable with the Apple, and in Android you are at home? Even better, buy one of the many available smartphones or tablets. But in fact, both Apple and Google (together with the manufacturers of the devices themselves) provide approximately the same level of quality and comfort. It's just different.

Author: Sergey Ulyashenkov
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