My digital profession
How to choose a digital procession and what opportunities IT jobs actually offer.
The consultations are designed both for people looking for opportunities for retraining and interested in the prospects of working in the IT industry, and for young professionals just starting their journey. Also parents will be able to get advice on the best direction for their child in case of choosing digital profession and how not to make mistakes in this case.

You will be able to find out what professions exist on the labor market at the moment (in technology and related fields) and how they differ.
You will learn about the specifics of working as a programmer, interface designer (UI/UX), product analyst, marketer, tester, as well as such specifics as a big data specialist or Data Scientist.

I will help you to choose the right direction, not to be confused by the variety of professions. We will break down the myths in IT and what the opportunities really are, and what is often exaggerated. Why it is important to develop skills for self-study and what is adaptation in a world of digital technology.

Consultations are solely of an introductory nature and do not imply training for a particular profession. Afterwards you will be able to choose your own direction, understand where and how to get a real education in the field, and understand whether the digital industry suits you personally. Traditionally, you will be able to ask your own questions, and the analysis will take place individually, according to your specific situation.
Individual consultation
from 1 hour
You get a personal tete-a-tete consultation with an analysis of your exact situation. A one-time consultation (1 hour) is possible, as well as a series of consultations within a month or a long session (not more than 5 hours with a break for one online meeting).
Conducted online
Audio or video
Consultations are conducted online in Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype, Zoom or by phone. You can choose between a video conference or a regular audio conference.
Save it for later
It is allowed to record the consultation with you so that you can always listen to the conversation again or watch the videoconference. And you can be sure that you won't forget anything important during the conversation. The only condition: it is not allowed to show the recordings publicly, including on social networks.
All the data you provide, the conversation itself and other materials are confidential and in no way published by me after the conversation. You can be assured that your personal or corporate information will be safe after the conversation.
Additional materials
By request
It is possible to create additional materials, reports, a text version of the results of the discussion, refine your materials by me or a team of specialists, analytics on your request. These materials are provided after consultation. The cost and timing are discussed separately.
Long term collaboration
from 1 month
At your request, it is possible to support you, your project or business for a long period of time. In such a situation, payment is made for the entire stipulated period. The required number of hours, session schedule and other additional options will be fixed for you. The terms and cost are discussed individually.
You send a list of questions
Before we begin, we will discuss what questions you would like to discuss. You can send them in a free-form chat. This will help us immediately identify the goals and nature of our conversation, as well as approve the duration of the consultation.
We approve the duration of
On the basis of your submissions, we will discuss the length of the consultation together. Despite the recommendations on my part (how much time will be needed on the basis of the questions you send in), you can always choose the length yourself (minimum time is 1 hour). In this case, the conversation will be formed on the basis of the time, something will be reduced, so that you can get the most out of it in the specified time.
After payment, you are assigned a date and time for the consultation
Once we have approved the length and list of questions, you make payment for the hours required for the consultation. Once payment is made, you will be assigned a time and date for the consultation.
You will be able to discuss the project
by messenger or email:
You will be able to discuss the project
by messenger or email:
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