Isolation 2020

Self-insulation mode is removed in Moscow. Unexpectedly and pleasantly, because whatever the benefits, we are all tired of this way of life. And this is an occasion to remember how it was. Below are the photos that I managed to take from March to June in those few raids to the store and on critical business.

Most of the time, the streets were almost empty. Although it was not uncommon to see people, mostly people like you, going to the store or on urgent business. The city was really empty almost to the limit.

Delivery services were activated very quickly. Especially Yandex with its Shop and Food, as well as Delivery Club. And often the streets were filled with yellow-green bicyclists going to another customer.

Distinctive feature of the period of self-isolation were the distance signs calculated by the floor. "1.5 meters" was written in most places, and somewhere you could find additional recommendations for observance of "social distance", a new term that sounded almost everywhere. Circle with a recommendation not to take up space in public transport, even in the street with paint placed separators so that people could keep their distance, waiting in line to enter the store were a novelty. Surprisingly, now we are even getting used to all this. I hope not for too long.

What could be actively heard from the media and social networks about business and its problems were often before our eyes. Empty premises, mostly cafes or small stores, which clearly moved away from the tenant, certainly created an unpleasant sensation. I already knew from my partners and friends how things were, but to say the least, it was unpleasant to see in your native neighborhood a succession of abandoned facilities, with signs "giving up" or hastily hanging a lock on the door, which you yourself had been visiting for a while, you know, salespeople and staff.

There were fewer cars, too. Those who could - went out of town, the parking lots were empty. The flow of cars also impressed the eye. The traditional Moscow traffic jams were replaced by a light flow of cars, most of which belonged to delivery or ambulance services. And often the roads and even struck a desolate landscape, as in old Soviet photographs.

Sometimes it was uncomfortable to take pictures. People were very tense. It was difficult and unusual to walk in masks. Someone took pictures for a snack, or to get a breath of fresh air and tried to do it privately. It was hard to say why you could get a fine during this period. The Internet and TV were full of scattered information, fakes, and unpleasant cases. Many tried to be reassured and often one could find a questioning look, as if the claims or supervision were already waiting for each other.

The couriers did not fall behind either. In their tough mode, they often took a snack, or just pulled down the mask to take a break. And they always watched with fear when someone passed by or even took off. After all, it could cost them not only a fine, but also layoffs.

The playgrounds were empty. At first, they were almost completely empty, but as time went by, more and more people took their children out for a short while. This is understandable, because it was unbearable for them to be at home with their children, it was difficult for them to move around, and so on. It was true that there was a feeling that a special Pact had been approved on the playgrounds. At least in Profsoyuznaya district. They went out for a short time and sporadically. It was as if there was a schedule to take a walk with one family and not to intersect with others;

Text author and photographer: Ulyashenkov Sergey
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