How to download a picture from the Internet without copyright infringement?

Questions from "The Question":

"if you change the picture from the Internet and use it for commercial purposes, do I violate copyrights"?

Everything depends on the rights to the picture you have downloaded and modified. And you'd better take care of it and see if there are any and which ones. Most often you can find the following options here:

  1. You downloaded a picture that had a license, and it restricts commercial (and maybe non-commercial) use, including modification. In this case, even if you did not know this, you have clearly violated the copyright of others. You either need to remove the image and use another. Or negotiate with the copyright owner to give permission for the use,
  2. You downloaded the image and it had an open license that did not restrict its use. For example, Creative Commons (which may grant the right to commercial and/or non-commercial use and modification). Then there is no problem. Use it for your health. 
  3. You downloaded the picture, but the author did not "bother" about its rights and just uploaded it to the Internet (this is important - it means that the person from whom you downloaded it made it yourself, for example, took a picture and uploaded it). Then the problem is complicated. On the one hand, the rights are not regulated in any way by the license and you can use it as you like. On the other hand, the absence of a license does not mean that there is no authorship. If a person can prove in court that this is his picture, he can theoretically make a claim against you and demand.... Anybody has enough imagination to do anything, including the fee for using it;
  4. You downloaded a picture, but you did not download it from the author, but from some Internet resource. Thus, someone has already installed it without checking the license of their site, and now God only knows what it was, and whether the license was at all and who the author is. This situation is even worse. Because if it turns out that the copyright holder has a license, but the one you downloaded it from didn't think about this fact, you too may face legal claims. If the original author did not have a license, see 3.#nbsp here;

To sum up, I can always advise you to check the license of the images, especially if you use them for commercial purposes. There is a convenient and transparent Creative Commons license for this, please note it. It is just for authors who distribute free content. And it always shows you whether you can commercially use and upgrade the content or not. There are entire photo banks, with free images under this license, where you can freely pick up clipart absolutely for free. Of course, if you need more unique images, you will have to look in the direction of paid photo banks - there you will officially pay for everything and will have the right to use such content.

I would strongly advise against downloading images for commercial purposes "just from google". Because sometimes it is simply impossible to find out who they belonged to and what risks of copyright infringement will be.

Author: Sergey Ulyashenkov
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