Why do large companies do their payment services

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Why do large companies do their payment services?

There are quite a lot of reasons. However, usually everything comes from the mechanic of safety inside the company and financial efficiency.

Any external service is a risk. Data leaks and other security breaches can damage the company's reputation and resources. But when cooperating with an external service, we have no control over the situation. Part of the responsibility lies with the third party partner company. We won't even be able to influence the speed of the solution and its efficiency - this is the partner's jurisdiction, but we won't pry into "someone else's garden".

This is how everything starts. When a company approaches a certain threshold of development, such security issues become critical. Having received the opportunity to finance its own decision at the same time, it is logical that the option of such an approach is adopted.

But there is also the financial side. We create something of our own. We get not only full control, but also additional financial prospects at the same time. Being able to control expenses, we can simultaneously make it public in the future, provide access to partners and clients for commission or subscription. Thus, we will not only save on payment for the "other's" service, but also start earning on our own, which we also use for internal purposes of the company.

This approach is applicable not only to payment services, but also to some others. And we have to pay tribute - own service, it is always more profitable and safer. But unfortunately, it is an expensive and complex approach. To save and benefit in the future, you will have to invest a lot in the present. Therefore, it is simply not available to small companies.

Author: Sergey Ulyashenkov