Virtonomics and business skills development

Questions from "The Question":

"Virtonomics is bullshit or a real thing? And does business simulators even make sense?"

Namely in "Virtonomics" there are both controversial and quite useful moments (if we talk about the perception of business processes through game mechanics). But in general it is a good game worthy of attention. By the way, there are other equally interesting ones, for example Stocker.

As for the meaning and usefulness of business simulators. To be honest, I haven't seen such a situation when someone "sat down for the game" and came out as a "brilliant businessman" personally. On the other hand, why should I approach the question like that? In my opinion, such business simulators should help to assimilate the knowledge already acquired, rather than teach from scratch. And they can certainly help in thinking, sometimes they can help to build the right logical links, which someone else will have a hard time building.

So, there is a point. But not for everyone, and not as an independent learning tool.

Author: Sergey Ulyashenkov