Why Businessmen Quit

Social media is an amazing thing. If you look at them carefully, wading through the maze of marketing and endless personal brands, you begin to see a reflection of the problems in society. And in every person. Finding those close to you, you're surprised to discover how much of an individual problem it isn't.

That's what happened this time, too. I came across a long, somewhat confusing, but perfectly valid post about business. About how many people hit problems, breaking down, sliding into self-injury and alcoholism. Trying with all their might to find a way to grow their business, and it, for reasons completely incomprehensible, just keeps going downhill. Some at once. Some go down slowly and surely. But nothing, nothing you do helps you get past this boundary of problems. It only gets worse. Behind each brightening there is an even greater abyss.

The author of the post, of course, thickened the colors, and actually tried to blame the businessmen themselves for not wanting to learn. They don't believe in training. In general the search for truth and reason is far beyond their real origins. But the reasons for these situations are very simple and can be reduced to three points:

1. the trouble is that not everyone needs to be an entrepreneur. Society, own illusions confuse cards, and here we are looking in business for an answer to all questions of life. And in fact, could be a brilliant advertising agency employee, a plumber (who thinks that this profession is a bad example, I can tell you an amazing story) with a salary many times higher than the profits of their own business. At least one where you're doing the wrong thing, the wrong way, and slowly drowning. Alas trainings (good or bad) do not answer this question, promoting the business as an end in itself and the possibility of a golden mountain. But in fact they only confuse the matter. After all, you can earn a thousand ways, including without your own business, and have millions is not for everyone and not always necessary. What is needed is comfort. In life, in the house, in creativity. Which should be a job.

2. those who can really be entrepreneurs are often stuck in the "conventional framework. You have to promote yourself that way. You need to create a personal brand. You have to market the product in that way in the field... As a result, one can find oneself in this trap of "needing" without seeing how one can! And the latter is not always standard, not always recognized, not always told at training sessions. And in general, business is a changeable thing, because it directly depends on society and people. And they change their habits and approaches every year, giving endless variations of new circumstances. Although in any way, including the help of coaches, you need to learn the basics. Know how to work with basic tools. Understand in general what the business and how people are arranged (read "target audience").

3. The bottom is so, sorry, illusory. Marines (if I'm not mistaken) have this brutal training. They are thrown with their hands and feet blindfolded into the water. The weight is pulled down to the bottom. The first reaction is panic. Of course, nobody is going to kill the guys, and the unpromising ones are pulled out. But those who are smarter quickly realize that they were not thrown so deep. By pushing back from the very bottom, they have an opportunity to breathe air on the surface. And then they find themselves on the bottom again, but there is air, the effect of surprise has passed. And so, by repeating this uncomplicated action, they surface again and again, gaining precious time. Time that can be spent finding a way to free themselves.

In my opinion, it is this example of the Marine Corps that kills businessmen. Instead of pushing off the bottom, we panic and waste the rest of our air. Although it is in our hands to give a push leading to another breath of oxygen. And then another. And more. Until we are free.

Life can sometimes be more brutal than this example. But it, too, is arranged fairly. At least in the part that everything is in our hands. Or at least the 90% that will allow us to change our own life, business, whatever. You just have to not panic and be able to push back properly.