38 Parrots
Online store for furniture factory
(children's rooms).
Where a child will be comfortable! That would probably be the title of the website of the 38 Parrots children's furniture factory. For the project I developed the design and designed the interface of the online store. Bright, cozy colors had to convey the atmosphere of the nursery, along with individually selected fonts. It was necessary to maintain the functionality of the site.

Each page of the site was developed individually, to achieve a balance between visual appeal and usability of the site. Particular attention was paid to the catalog, where we had to take into account the specifics of the factory products and demonstrate the goods as clearly as possible, considering the variations of different parameters of different products. As a result, the customer can choose a set for the nursery or trust the taste of the manufacturer and order a ready-made set. In both cases it was necessary to leave the option of choosing the parameters of the items right on the site to suit the individual dimensions of the room.
Ulyashenkov Sergey — prototype and interface design (UI/UX)
Website development — WMStudio

Project site: https://fabrika38.ru